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Joel Allen is a 31-year-old carpenter from Salmon Arm, B.C. Before he started swinging a hammer for a living he was a software developer, an occupation that expired when the money behind the Internet startup he was working for ran out. His next job, at 26, was retirement, a gig he soon discovered didn’t pay the bills and motivated him to put on a tool belt and learn a trade.

It was the best move of his life, he says, and it led him — on his own time — to the middle of the woods in Whistler, B.C., where he has built a tree house for the ages: a spectacular egg-shaped orb whose precise location, on Crown land, is top secret unless you are among the lucky few to find it.

Mr. Allen spoke to National Post reporter Joe O’Connor about bears, barn hopping and the unadulterated beauty of…

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